Help desk tools

The OpenCBS team is available for technical inquiries through the various support tools we offer.

Customers under a support contract can get in touch by any of the following channels:


Flexibility and reactivity are the pillars of our technical support department. Our  support tools allow two-way interactions so that issues can be resolved promptly by listening to the user and efficiently communicating about resolution. 

The support team is qualified to understand the needs of users: besides being technically competent, our support officers are familiar with the working environment of financial institutions. If needed, issues are escalated to the technical team of developers, who are well equipped to handle the resolution of bugs and other technical issues.

We are committed to solve your queries and issues in a timely manner:

  • blocking system bugs are fixed through patching within 24h
  • other non blocking issues are resolved within 72h or longer depending on the complexity of the request


It is our policy to test all new add-ons and configurations to ensure that you do not encounter similar problems in the future. We document all previous bugs that users have encountered with the solution. Custom reports are sent to clients with all the bugs and solutions.