Loan Origination Solution

The Loan Origination Solution manages loan application, underwriting and approval based on the workflows of our clients. Depending on product, loan amount, client type, application channel or other factors, the loan application can be routed through a specific workflow, and be approved by the relevant persons or Credit Committee.

Checks with Anti-Money Laundering blacklists or Credit Bureau can be set-up, and the solution be linked to a scoring system in order to automate partly or fully the credit decisioning process.

A task management interface allows the user to follow loans that are pending, sent for re-work or rejected, and have a clear view of the loans in the pipeline.

Combined with our Tablet Application, our Loan Origination Solution allows a complete digitisation of the Loan application and underwriting process, integrated with OpenCBS or a third-party Core Banking System.

Manage profiles and applications


Use customised approval workflows 

  • Multi-channel applications: from Client Officer, direct via website etc.
  • Create profiles with unlimited data fields
  • Edit profiles, create loan applications directly from the list of profiles
  • Add attachments like Customer ID, pictures of clients, excel docs...


  • Appoint responsible people for each step of the appraisal process
  • Check external data sources (CRedit Bureaus/AML blacklists)
  • Link with scoring system
  • Review loans, send for re-rework, approve or reject
  • Easily track application status
  • Conduct digital credit committees with several levels of approval



Integrated task management


State and permissions

  • Get tasks in inbox depending on defined roles
  • Perform task and submit for approval
  • Get response from authoriser
  • Get basic statistics on approved loans and performance
  • User roles as per the credit procedures of the ins
  • Permissions can be set depending on the loan amount, product type, or other settings.