Tablet application

The OpenCBS Android Tablet Application can be used for performing eKYC, collecting all potential client-related information in the field including personal information, business information and taking pictures of important documents, home or business location. 

Once eKYC is passed, our Tablet Application can be used for Digital Field Application, allowing financial institutions to open current, savings or fixed deposit accounts, or take loan applications directly in the field. 

Our Tablet Application can also be used to conduct a fully digital client appraisal. Loan Applications can be received directly on a tablet. Additional relevant data can be collected on the tablet based on the appraisal procedures of the financial institution. Cash-flows can be defined by Client Officer or loaded based on standard score-cards related to the economic activity of the client. Depending on available network connectivity, the Tablet Application can synchronise with OpenCBS for an immediate credit decision, or once the Client Officer is back in office.

The system is designed to work seamlessly with our Loan Origination solution, and our OpenCBS Cloud Core Banking System. It can also be connected by API to 3rd party systems (eSignature, credit bureau, AML blacklists and non-OpenCBS Core Banking System).

On-site collection of information


Cash-flow modelling


Appraisal process can be paperless 


Credit Committee