Functional Coverage

Please note that we can also build custom packages

Client Management
Clear client management interface
Customised information fields
Client signature & picture management
Account opening & closing
Individual, company and group profiles registration
Client geolocalisation
Biometric authentication
Loan Origination
Multi-channel loan applications
Collateral and guarantor registration
Automated decision engine based on collected data and external data sources
Customized approval workflow via predefined rules
Digitization of Credit Committee
Integrated task management
Loan Management
Collateral and guarantor management
Term loan products
Credit lines
Loan schedule generation
Loan disbursement
Automatic interest and penalty accrual
Loan repayment
Early partial repayments
Early total repayments
Batch repayment
Loan rescheduling
Automated print-out of loan agreements
Disbursement & repayment receipts
Loan monitoring
Delinquency Management
Client flagging
Delinquency actions tracking
Automated warning letters
Savings Management
Cash deposits & withdrawals
Mandatory savings
Current accounts
Savings accounts
Term deposits
Transfers between accounts
Teller Management
Vault/Teller transfer
Transfers between tellers to and from Head Teller
Management of notes denominations
Customisable chart of accounts
Operational accounting
Non-operational accounting
Loan provisioning
Loan write-off
Fixed Assets registration and amortisation
Suppliers registration
Analytics & Reporting
Essential reports
Customised reports
Key Performance Indicators
Export data to Excel and Word
Business intelligence tools
Security & Backup
User roles management
Encrypted user passwords
Maker/Checker concept
Audit trail
Cloud-based back-up system & Disaster Recovery
SMS/Email notifications for employees and clients
POS/ATM integration
Credit Bureau integration
Anti-Money Laundering blacklist checks
Synchronisation with mobile money platforms
General Features
End-of-day process
Document storage & tracking
Open API for 3rd party integrations