The main force behind OpenCBS solutions is their flexibility. When we initiated our project, we aimed at making a standard solution proposing all the features required by the financial services industry. While the SaaS version of OpenCBS Cloud can be used out of the box for most financial institutions, we soon realised that the diversity of practices made it difficult to offer a fully standard solution, and that we could offer even more value by offering customised products.

Therefore, keeping our main principle of affordability in mind, we designed a way to make OpenCBS flexible enough so that we can adapt to all your needs and challenges.

The dedicated technical team develops and configures the system based on the agreed-upon scope, taking into account client’s input. The team creates a customised system using the highest quality of development standards.  Each customised version of OpenCBS Cloud or other Digital Transformation solutions is tested by our quality assurance (QA) technicians before being delivered to you.




Due to the worldwide scope of our market and the variety of local regulations, OpenCBS cannot rely on one single Cloud-services provider. This is because our clients have sometimes different hosting requirements, but also because even major Cloud-services providers cannot offer data hosting in all countries.


While the SaaS version of OpenCBS Cloud is exclusively hosted on Amazon Web Services, we offer various hosting options to clients opting for a more customised approach, or where local regulators require client-related information to remain hosted in-country. 


To accommodate those various approaches and requirements, all our products have been developed using a Cloud-agnostic approach, meaning that they can be deployed on various Clouds with a similar level of reliability and security.