The beginning of a partnership

At OpenCBS, we beilieve that implementation is more than a simple install. It's the foundation of a lasting partnership that requires a strong commitment from both parties.

It's essential for us to understand the philosophies and practices of our clients, so that we can be more than just a software provider to them. We want to have a long term impact on our clients' efficiency and success.


Implementation process

  • Perform a gap assessment using a full review of your policies and practices. 
  • Build a system able to improve the way you work with full software configuration.
  • Train your whole team including operators, IT, and management.
  • Get your operations started as we install the system.
  • Conduct a series of tests to ensure the smooth integration of the system into your operations.
  • Become a part of your long term success with development planning.


Contact us to request a quote for implementation.