Adaptive, open-source software
for microfinance.

OPENCBS is the world's easiest financial management software to install, use and customize. Our technology is used by institutions of all sizes: From small startups utilzing our free basic software, to microfinance networks in need of specifically-tailored solutions. OPENCBS's dynamic technology will allow your institution to lower costs while improving service.

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Why choose OPENCBS?

  • A complete loan and savings management software

    OPENCBS includes all the key functions required to make an impact at your financial institution:

    - Clear and customizable client tracking: Individual, groups and SME tracking.

    - Full loan and savings management:  More than 1000 interest calculations and schedules covered.

    - Powerful reporting: A performance dashboard and more than 50 reports and forms available.

    - Extensions:  Task management, custom fields, client mapping, etc. Optimize the flow of your operations!

  • A dynamic solution for any institution

    OPENCBS is continuously adapting to the needs of its clients.

    - Flexible business logic: We can integrate any business practice. Talk to us and we'll show you how flexible OPENCBS can be.

    - Agile development: OPENCBS constantly evolves with new versions every three weeks.

    - Fast service: We promise to answer your request in one working day and develop and implement what you need in less than a month.

    - High modularity: Reports, extensions and scripts allow us to build a software adapted precisely to your institution.

  • Progressive offers

    OPENCBS is adapted to institutions of any size:

    - Low budget organisations: Anyone can take advantage of our free core software.

    - Growing institutions: Try one of our subscription packages to take your institution to the next level.

    - Established institutions: Ask for the special features you need to achieve even higher performance. 


  • An open source software


    - No license fee: You pay only for the services you want.

    - Freedom of choice: You are free to choose who provides support for your software.

    - Business continuity:  You don't need us to maintain your system.

    - A worldwide community:  Technology professionals from across the globe are ready to implement and support OPENCBS for you.

  • Eight years' experience in microfinance technology


    - Proven track record: OPENCBS technology has been used in microfinance since 2006.

    - Experienced team: The OPENCBS team has dozens of years of experience in microfinance operations and technology.

    - Strong references:  The OPENCBS system already satisfies the needs of several dozen institutions around the world. 


How to use OPENCBS:


Download the basic software and user guide. The small file sizes (less than 70MB in total) should make this easy.


Click on the .exe you just downloaded.
So far so good!


Launch OPENCBS. Follow the step-by-step user guide to get up and running in just a few hours.


What people say

  • Aidai Akunova General Director (Kyrgyzstan)

    On behalf of CJSC «AIM Credit» Microfinance Company I am pleased to recommend OPENCBS , which has proven itself as a reliable and professional business partner. The company has demonstrated high level of mobility in solving problems of different complexities. It has distinguished itself...

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  • Shirish Kumar CEO ODED Transformational Technology. OpenCBS Local reseller in South Asia

    OPENCBS as a company that envisions a giant leap forward in ‘creating a model opensource eco-system’ for a variety of participants. Welcoming participation from resellers, finance companies, banks, MFIs and consultants are basic tenets of the OPENCBS board & management. ODED was nurtured...

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  • Onyeka Adibeli Technical Director, FDIT Nigeria Limited, Valued Added Reseller

    OPENCBS is a world-class, adaptable organization that understands of the needs of its clients and is keen on community partnerships. It provides continous improvement, responsiveness and implementation services tailored to the expectations and standards of the industry. Knowing that a large...

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  • Steve Hardgrave CEO Varthana, OpenCBS user

    Varthana is excited to partner with OPENCBS. The system has been flexible to meet our unique requirements and the team has been very responsive to all our requests for additional modifications. Having a core banking system like OPENCBS allows Varthana to focus its energy on better serving our...

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