Commercial offers

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Client Management
Clear client management interface
Customised information fields
Client signature & picture management
Client document tracking
Client interaction tracking
Client mapping
Biometric identification
Loan Management
Term loan products
Loan disbursement
Loan repayment
Loan schedule generation
Credit lines
Loan rescheduling
End-of-day process
Automatic loan agreements
Disbursement & repayment receipts
Batch repayment
Loan monitoring
Customised loan appraisal workflow
Tablet & mobile loan application*
SMS notifications*
Delinquency Management
Client flagging
Delinquency actions tracking
Automatic warning letters
Savings Management
Account opening & closing
Cash deposits & withdrawals
Mandatory savings
Current accounts
Transfers between accounts
End-of-day process
Savings accounts
Term deposits
Standard accounting tools
Personalised accounting tools
Export data to Excel and Word
SMS connectivity
POS/ATM Integration
Credit Bureau Synchronisation
Anti-money laundering blacklist checks*
Synchronisation with mobile money platforms*
Reporting & Performance Management
9 essential reports
Key Performance Indicators reporting
Customised reports
Bonus & incentive calculation reports
Performance improvement technical assistance
Security & Backup
User roles management
Audit trail
Data self-backup
Secure off-site data replication
OpenCBS in the Cloud*
60 day helpdesk
Unlimited helpdesk
Next working day guarantee
Remote implementation
On-site implementation
* Coming soon