OpenCBS Core banking solution

The OpenCBS Core banking solution is highly adaptive and open-source software.

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To connect to OpenCBS using a network

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Loan Origination Solution

The OpenCBS Loan Origination Solution enables organizations to digitize their loan application process with an automated decision engine based on each organization’s approval workflow and integrated task management. The Loan Origination Solution can be part of the OpenCBS Core Banking Solution or other CBS. The Loan Origination Solution can be used with the OpenCBS Tablet Application

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Tablet Application

The OpenCBS tablet application is the ideal tool for any institution wishing to digitize the loan application process by conducting paperless appraisal directly in the field. The application can synchronize with OpenCBS or other CBS. Lastly, the OpenCBS tablet application can be part of the OpenCBS Loan Origination solution.

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OpenCBS Cloud

OpenCBS has moved to the cloud! We are launching OpenCBS Cloud. OpenCBS Cloud is a web-based solution which delivers high performance combined with an enjoyable user experience. The cloud solution will be available in English, French, Russian and Arabic. We are also launching OpenCBS Cloud Beta Program for a selected number of individuals. Please for access to the Beta Testing Program, click here to register. Please note that participation is limited.

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