About OpenCBS

About OpenCBS

Open Core Banking System was created by experienced microfinance professionals in 2013.

OpenCBS is built on the last open source version of Octopus Microfinance software 4.7. The primary goal of Octopus was to be used by Oxus, a microfinance project by Acted; a France-based NGO working on development and crisis management. Though independent, OpenCBS shares Oxus' global vision for development and empowerment.

OpenCBS directly serves dozens of financial companies in the world, and operates as well through local partners, including a network of vendors who support us by performing implementations, developing extensions, and assisting clients in their regions; providing face-to-face support.

Currently, OpenCBS is available in 5 languages, with more than 14,000 downloads in over 170 countries. OpenCBS is used by over 30 financial organizations to manage over 100,000 end clients served in over 20 countries over South Asia, Central Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas.


Vision and Mission

We believe that microfinance is the sustainable development solution, and that by providing appropriate technology for microfinance, we are doing our part to help the 2.5 billion people without access to banking services.

Microfinance demands simple and adaptable technology. We've created a modular technology to meet the needs of organizations all over the world.

We believe in our clients, and offer affordable services to small institutions in the hope that we'll be able to grow alongside them.

We believe in the development of open source technology. It offers flexibility; allowing any one to perform any modification at any time, and any place, and increasing the chances for useful software evolution.  It offers security; our system will be available even if OpenCBS stops working as a company, and anyone can build on it. It offers balance; users are not dependent on OpenCBS as a company, bringing balance into the negotiation process.

Open source technology is proof of our confidence in our high-quality services. Anyone can take the code and develop on their own.