Database and software maintenance

  • We guarantee your database will remain compatible with OpenCBS.
  • We guarantee that all the functions you currently use will remain available.
  • If we drop something from the core software, we'll develop it as an extension for you for free.

Unlimited upgrades

  • We'll upgrade your system to the most recent version of OpenCBS as often as needed.
  • We'll test your database using your current functions.
  • We'll establish a secure remote connection to your servers to handle the whole process.

Monthly support updates 

  • We'll set up a monthly call with your MIS and operations management teams.
  • Review ongoing developments created for your institution.
  • Discuss any difficulties you currently face with the system.
  • Introduce you to the latest extensions and functions.
  • Discuss the long term strategy of your partnership with OpenCBS.

Contact us to subscribe to our software guarantee.