Frequently Asked Questions

Questions here deal with products and commercial activity. For technical problems, please take a look at previous Forum questions, or ask your own.

System operability 


Is the free core software of OpenCBS sufficient to run operations? 
Yes, our core software contains all the necessary functionalities essential microfinance activity. However, our premium offers allow access to useful extensions, optimization tools and troubleshooting support.


Is OpenCBS desktop based or is it cloud based? 
OpenCBS is a desktop based application. You can use it on a computer without any access to internet or other network. However, you can choose to host it on a remote server (SAAS), or to host your database remotely.


Does OpenCBS works on Apple computers? 

OpenCBS only works on Windows. Therefore, you will need to launch a Windows emulator on your Mac machine.


Does OpenCBS have a mobile application?

An Android app is available.


Does OpenCBS include accounting? 
Yes, OpenCBS provides an extension that deals with automatic bookings related to loan and savings operations. This extension allows for manual accounting entries as well. However, this extension is not recommended for institutions of a certain size. For them, we recommend a seperate, full-fledged accounting tool which we can link with OpenCBS.




Can I sell OpenCBS without any contact with the OpenCBS team? 
Yes, the core software is open source so you can do anything you want with it. However, you won't be able to call yourself an official reseller or receive support from us. We highly recommend you to get in touch with us so that we can help you get the most out of the OpenCBS software.


What if I am an unofficial reseller and I need an OpenCBS service (extensions, development, reports or forms creation, etc.)? 
Contact us and we will gladly sell you our products or services. However, we will always ask for the end user's contact information.


At what price should I sell my services? 
OpenCBS takes a wide view of this point. We think you know your market better than we do. We trust you to find prices that maximize both client satisfaction and income for you.


Can I have reselling exclusivity in my area of operations? 
This type of agreement is decided on a case-by-case basis. A reseller bringing us a significant number of clients in one area is more likely to get exclusivity over his region. Exclusivity means that any prospects coming to us from that area will be forwarded to him for commercial discussion.


Can I sign a non-competitive agreement with OpenCBS? 
We usually give our resellers two year's non-competitive agreements based on the number and quality of prospects they bring to us. Afterwards, we let clients decide with whom they want to do business. Exceptions can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.




Where can I access the OpenCBS code? 
The code of OpenCBS core system is freely available through GitLab. To contribute, create your own project branch and start developing today!


Is white labeling authorised? 
The core software is open source under GNU license so you can do whatever you want with it. However, if you do so, we won't be able to support you and you won't benefit from our network. We prefer you call the software "OpenCBS proposed by xxxx" or "OpenCBS xxxx Edition." Our wish is that developers focus on building extensions to the existing software rather than reinventing the wheel, so to speak. This way, OpenCBS works as a marketplace where everyone can benefit from your work. Note, however, that extensions we've developed are property of OpenCBS and are under license. Releasing a version of OpenCBS with extensions we've developed without our agreement is forbidden.



What is the OLB? 
OLB is Outstanding Loan Balance, or money that has been lent by an institution. In terms of an individual loan, it represents the total remaining principal. For the institution as a whole, it's the sum of all remaining principals from all loans.


What is an LLP? 
LLP stands for Loan Loss Provision. It's the amount usually statiscally considered "lost" for non-performing loans, money that an institution giving loans should "provision." In OpenCBS, it's often displayed as a percentage.

We use the value quite frequent in the industry. Usually 2% for performing loans, 10% for loans late 1-30 days, and 50% for loans late 61-90 days.