Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions deal with products and commercial activity. 

OpenCBS Desktop

How do I set up OpenCBS desktop?    

Please refer to our user-guide, page 5.

How many ways to host the database: is it possible to host it on local server by assigning public IP to it? Is it possible to host it on Cloud?

There are 2 ways of hosting the database:

1. The database can be hosted on a local server, there should be a static IP address. This server should be specified on other machines.

2. The database can be installed on cloud (for instance Amazon), it can be connected via RDP.

Can OpenCBS desktop be hosted on SaaS?            

Yes, it is possible. It can be hosted on Amazon Server (or on other servers) and via RDP connection it can be used as SaaS.

How to host OpenCBS desktop on a remote server? Is there any document describing it?          

The installation process is exactly the same as installing it on a local server. Additionally, RDP connection needs to be configured. Please refer to our user-guide, page 5.

How does OpenCBS Desktop work without Internet and how can we set it up?

OpenCBS desktop can work without Internet only on a local server. Access will work only inside of this LAN.

How can we access OpenCBS Desktop via the browser/Web?

The OpenCBS desktop version does not have a browser/ web access, therefore the OpenCBS Cloud version is needed.

Is there a way to use the client only on one computer and then connect to the SQL instance on another server via LAN?

Yes, there is. MS SQL Express is installed on 1 computer, and other computers can be connected via LAN.

What is the technical platform on which OpenCBS Desktop is based?       

OpenCBS Desktop is a Winforms application programmed in C#. It runs on an MS SQL database.

Does OpenCBS desktop only work with MS SQL?   

The OpenCBS Desktop version works only with MS SQL Server. The OpenCBS Cloud version works with different servers.

Is there any license for using OpenCBS?

OpenCBS is distributed under LGLP3 license. That means there is a license, but is free to use. You can also redistribute OpenCBS on a non-commercial basis (for free).

Is it possible to put a database in Azure?

Yes, it is possible.

What are the user name and password for OpenCBS desktop?

Default for OpenCBS desktop it is “admin, admin”. Default for a database “sa” and the password should be set up during the installation.

Is there a Demo database in OpenCBS Desktop?

As OpenCBS under the free license, there is no  demo database. You can create a new database and access all functionalities included in the free version.

How do I get the download link?              

Please visit our website, then you will be asked to enter your email for the subscription. Then check your email box, there should the second email with the download link.

What programming language is OpenCBS Desktop built on? What is OpenCBS’ DB and its version?     

The programming language of OpenCBS Desktop is C#, the database is MS SQL server 2012 or later.

Which modules are included the Core? Are there features different from the Core?           

Please check this link in order to understand our products and what is included in the Open Source version.

Is the Accounting module included in the Core version?

Yes, it is included starting from 17.9 version.

How do I get the source code? 

The source code is available for the Core version. 

Which languages does OpenCBS operate in currently?   

English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic (Cloud version only), Portuguese.

Is the technical support available in different languages?

English, French, Russian.

Do GPS coordinates/client mapping work in the free version?     


Does OpenCBS have a logic cube or big data module among others in your solution?       

No, not at the moment.

How can I delete a customer record from OpenCBS Desktop?     

It is not allowed, because there is a tracking system in the software. The tracking system shows the status of all the active and inactive clients.

Is the software usable for online banking?

The Desktop version is not suitable but the Cloud version is suitable.

Is it possible to download the software onto a Mac? An Ipad?     

The Desktop version can be installed on Windows only. It can be accessed using RDP from other platforms. The Cloud version of OpenCBS is cross-platform.

Does OpenCBS custom design a database for Microfinance or it has the one tailored-made?       

It is a tailor-made database.

Would OpenCBS Desktop be suitable for Credit Unions?

OpenCBS doesn’t have a Share management module.

What are the server hardware requirements?

CPU: Intel i5 2.30 GHz (up to 20K clients), Intel i7 2.6 GHz (above 20K clients);

Memory: 8 GB (up to 20K clients), 16 GB (above 20K clients);

HDD: 128 (up to 20K clients), 256 GB (above 20K clients).

Could it be done on Amazon?     


OpenCBS Cloud

Is the cloud version of OpenCBS open source?    

Please check this link in order to understand our products and what is included in the Open Source version.

Is there a free version of OpenCBS Cloud?            

You can use OpenCBS Cloud for free for institutions managing less than 1,000 clients or total assets below 100,000 USD or equivalent.

Can I use OpenCBS Cloud on a Mac? On a tablet? On a smartphone?     

Yes. OpenCBS Cloud is cross-platform and can be used on any platform or device. However, we recommend a screen of at least 10 inches for better user experience.

What is the technical platform on which OpenCBS Cloud is based?          

The front end is an based on Angular JS 4, the backend on Java Springboot, running on a PostGreSQL database.

Where is the data hosted?        

We work with various partners like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Please note that data will not necessarily be hosted in your country, you are responsible for checking local regulations. If your country of operation does not allow hosting of customer data outside your borders, please contact us to find a reliable local hosting solution. We can also provide private cloud hosting on your own servers. 

Loan Origination Solution

What is Loan Origination?             

Loan Origination is the process of loan review, appraisal and authorization from application to disbursement. OpenCBS manages this process including complex workflow management, tasks management, document management, and automated decision engine based on scoring. Our solution integrates with other Third-Party databases like Anti Money Laundering blacklists or Credit Bureaus.

How does the integration take place between Core Banking and Loan Origination?             

Via APIs, the Loan Origination solution can also be interfaced with Third-Party Core Banking Systems.

OpenCBS Tablet Application

Is there an Android application of OpenCBS?      

OpenCBS has an Android application for the following activities:

  • e-KYC (under development)
  • Data collection application for appraisal
  • Instant appraisal where connection allows
  • Loan Disbursement (under development)
  • Loan Repayment (under development)

Doing Business with OpenCBS

What are the requirements to become an official vendor?             

Please contact the OpenCBS team.

Is it possible to get an authorization letter from OpenCBS to resell the solution?  

Please contact the OpenCBS team.

Do we have a SaaS model?            

We have a SaaS which can be deployed on Amazon or Azure servers, as wells on a private server of the client.

Can I redistribute OpenCBS for a fee?      

Not without our authorization. All versions of OpenCBS are distributed under license. In the case of the Open Source version, the license is LGPL3, which allows redistribution on a non-commercial basis only. If you would like to redistribute OpenCBS for a fee, you would need to approach us to become a vendor. We have an attractive income sharing model.


Where can I access the OpenCBS code? 

The code of OpenCBS core system is freely available through Bitbucket. To contribute, create your own project branch and start developing today!

Is white labeling authorised?

The core software is open source under GNU license so you can do whatever you want with it. However, if you do so, we won't be able to support you and you won't benefit from our network. We prefer you call the software "OpenCBS proposed by xxxx" or "OpenCBS xxxx Edition." Our wish is that developers focus on building extensions to the existing software rather than reinventing the wheel, so to speak. This way, OpenCBS works as a marketplace where everyone can benefit from your work. Note, however, that extensions we've developed are property of OpenCBS and are under license. Releasing a version of OpenCBS with extensions we've developed without our agreement is forbidden.


What is the OLB? 

OLB is Outstanding Loan Balance, or money that has been lent by an institution. In terms of an individual loan, it represents the total remaining principal. For the institution as a whole, it's the sum of all remaining principals from all loans.

What is an LLP?

LLP stands for Loan Loss Provision. It's the amount usually statiscally considered "lost" for non-performing loans, money that an institution giving loans should "provision." In OpenCBS, it's often displayed as a percentage.

We use the value quite frequent in the industry. Usually 2% for performing loans, 10% for loans late 1-30 days, and 50% for loans late 61-90 days.